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rehab center beverly hills Today we’re talking about drug addiction. What is it? And what are our recovery options?

So the DSM talks a lot about addiction and what they call the whole chapter and I’m looking down my DSM is substance-related and addictive disorders and I have my notes because I take my notes they cover 10 different classes of drugs some of which include alcohol caffeine cannabis hallucinogens and Halen’s opioids sedatives. Tobacco. You can see the list goes on.

On and on and on and with the DSM States, is that within any of these classes and I’ll put a link below so you can read all about it. If you’re interested is that when you’re taking an excess they directly activate our brain’s reward system. And do you remember when I was talking about ssris and sexual dysfunction how I talked about how dopamine plays such an intense role in that? Well, they think the same with addiction because when we take these things in excess it directly activates that reward system and we feel intense pleasure AKA I feel high and that is what makes it so hard to stop to break the Habit to get out of that addictive cycle because it feels good and our brain wants more of it. They also talked a lot about how some people are predisposed to addiction. I’m going to read you a little bit of what it says. It says the individuals with lower levels of self-control. Some people just don’t have as much self-control as others. We know right everybody’s different but they say it may reflect impairments of the brains inhibitory.

Mechanisms. So the parts of our brain that actually help us make good decisions think clearly not act out like impulsively and they say that because of this a lot of people who made in the future struggle with substance use or addiction. You can see some behaviors in them early on now. I know that people throw around the word Addiction of law, they’ll say it nonchalantly as if it’s not a big deal, but know that it is very serious those who seriously struggle with drug addiction or substance. Use disorders will go out of their Airway to get the substance that they want they may put themselves in extremely dangerous situations. They may do things that morally they wouldn’t normally do but they do it in order to get what they need, which is that substance. They also have a tolerance so they need to get more and more and more to get that same level of high and they also if they stop cold turkey can go through withdrawal. And so if you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction, please please please reach out to them reach out to someone who can help you because there are

Tons of treatment options available. Now there are many treatment options available. But I’m going to talk about five today. The first is your general practitioner your GP your regular doctor that you go to when you feel sick and the reason for this is that we need to get a full physical. We want to make sure that our body is okay not only are people who struggle with addiction at a higher risk for STDs and other transmittable diseases, but often we’re putting so much of a certain substance in our body that it can affect us physically in a bad way and we want to get a hold of that as soon as

The second one I want to talk about is group therapy and a a there all sorts of free options out there as well. And we find that as a whole group therapy helps us not only feel more understood and feel like what we’re going through isn’t weird or making us a bad person. It also helps support us when we’re really strongly they have sponsors like a whole sponsorship program with n a and a that can help give you a little extra support when you’re working on your recovery. The third is

And I know there’s a lot of stigma attached taking medication, but these can be too full one. We may want to take medication to help us with a co-occurring disorder. We often use addiction as a way to coat and to numb out just like I talked about eating disorders and self-harm whatever it is that we’re trying to numb out from maybe it’s intense anxiety or PTSD. We might need medication to better manage those symptoms so that we can focus on working on a recovery and the second part of this. Is that often when we’re coming off of the S of that we’ve been using and abusing there may be other drugs that they will have a stake to ease the withdrawal and to help our bodies feel. Okay, while we go through that process. The fourth option is therapy. We find a behavioral therapies work best because we’re trying to behave early change what we’re doing right? We’re not now going out to get the substance using it and waiting for the high but to any kind of talk therapy helps because just like I said addiction is often a way to cope and Nam out. It’s one of those, you know,

Unhealthy coping skills that were using to get through situation. So talking about what’s going on talking about the reason that we started using and figuring out kind of the root of the problem can really help us in our recovery and V and what I think is the best option for treatment if it’s available to you is impatient. That’s where you go and you stay at the facility and get the help that you need. All of the things that I talked about before are things that they offer at inpatient treatment centers. And the cool thing is that seasons and Malibu reached out to me to sponsor this video so that I can talk about addiction with you and Seasons in Malibu is a car for credit dual diagnosis treatment center. And what dual diagnosis means. I know a lot of treatment centers use that term is that it works when we have more than one thing going on. There are two diagnosis. Maybe we have PTSD and we also struggle with alcohol addiction. We have both these things going on in this treatment center has the ability to simultaneously help us with both and they specialize in treating a wide variety of addictions whether it’s cocaine alcohol opiates prescription.

And they also treat both men and women. I find a lot of treatment centers tend to focus on one of the other it’s nice that they have the ability to treat both and they’re located in beautiful Malibu. That’s where I went to school. If you remember Pepperdine beautiful views of the beach. Ooh, it’s so nice out there and at Seasons in Malibu, they work to treat drug addiction with a multi-dimensional and holistic approach where each person kind of gets their own individualized plan. And I know that you know, as well as I do how important that is because each and everyone’s experience is different like

Talk about boys like leave your room, you know experiences in the comments because everyone’s going to be different and it’s great to know that Treatment Center actually works with you individually to give you the care that you really need. I hope you found this video helpful. I know that addiction and getting treatment for can be really scary but know that you’re not alone and I would encourage each of you. If you have been impatient or tried any of the other treatment options. I mentioned leave it in the comments below. Let us know what your experience was like because it’s so important that we as a community help others understand what to expect and know that it’s really not Not as scary as you’re making it out and if you’re new to my channel, and you haven’t subscribe.

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